Considering the younger generation of a developing as well as densely populated country, like Bangladesh, One Direction bd is founded in 2012 at Uttara in the northern side of Dhaka by an outsourcing skilled person, namely Md. Shamin Hossain.

Under his direction 30 skilled men and women at office as well as 100 workers sitting at home are rendering their professional duties and responsibilities getting involved in this Outsourcing Training Center situated at Uttara.

Its aim is to inspire the young boys and girls so that they can be able to find out a potential future in the 21st century globe despite living in a poor country, like Bangladesh.

Our target is to make a lucrative job for those unemployed persons, who think that their future is dark; and they have no light of hope and expectation. For the reason stated above, our Outsourcing Training Center is providing its noble mission and determination.

We have one aim, one dream, and one expectation in order that the unskilled workers can be properly benefited in the competitive job markets around the world.

Many outsourcing trainers living in the foreign countries can lead their lives happily, wonderfully, and wealthy through receiving train courses under the direction of Md. Shamin Hossain.

From the very beginning of this potential outsourcing training centre, he started his project with a very small hope and dream. Now it is on the increase faster in the high-tech post-modern world.

We hope that this project will be able to come out successful among the 21st younger generation. It also attempts to innovate outsourcing training systems and approaches day by day with a view to proving better and more excellent facilities and services, especially for the unemployed men and women. It hopes, nobody will remain unemployed at home if they are engaged in this IT center.


However, Outsourcing Training Center focuses mainly three types of train courses, including-Writing & Translation, Digital Marketing, and Graphics Design as follows:



the main aim of one direction bd is to write and translate any creative task and scholarly writing under the recommendations and suggestions of the buyers around the world.This project helps the students how to write an article for blog posts, how to copy, edit, and translate any writings and so on.

one direction bd also provides it training on Resumes & Cover Letters, Research & Summary Writing, Creative Writing, Proofreading, Press Releases,Transcription, and Legal Writing as well.


our training centre gives special training courses on Digital Marketing.Our project provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Traffic, Content Marketing, Social Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Local Listings, Domain Research, SEM, Marketing Strategy, Web Analytics, Mobile Advertising, and Influencer Marketing.

If anybody can be able to make himself trained up on this short courses, he will certainly widen his wisdom and knowledge in the capital market. In a word, this project ensures that their future path is bright and potential way is waiting for him.


one direction bd emphasizes upon Graphics Design. So the unknown persons can receive their training courses on Logo Design, Business Cards & Stationery,Illustration, Cartoons & Caricatures, Flyers & Posters, Book Covers & Packaging, Web & Mobile Design,  Social Media Design, Banner Ads, Photoshop Editing, 3D & 2D Models, T-Shirts, Presentation Design, Infographics, Vector Tracing, and Invitations.

Outsourcing Training Center has some special features itself. They are as follows:

  • To innovate hidden treasures of manpower;
  • Make younger generation deserving to cope with the competitive job market;
  • To widen human wisdom and knowledge based on creative writing and translation, digital marketing, and graphics design;
  • To get yourself applied in the real life situation;
  • To face any hurdles in receiving outsourcing training courses.


our potential project does believe that there is alternative means without outsourcing training courses.