Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing

What is Outsourcing ? What’s the meaning of outsourcing ?Outsourcing is the most effective ways to build our career at home by doing work online. When any company or individual performs task, provide services or supply goods for another company is called outsourcing.

Outsourcing is typically used for the reduction of cost for the company. One any company or business organization can handle all his business term internally they temporarily hire someone to do some of his specific task who will be responsible to perform the task properly  and it will reduce the operational cost of the organization this abjectly what outsourcing means.

Advantages of outsourcing

 1.Cost Saving: In order to ran a business a business will require to fin cost effective to outsourcing work to a third party who are specialized on their work.By handing some specific work it will not necessary to continuous monitoring and do not need to worried caused outsource team are specialized on their work.Instead of hiring internal team the outsource team will perform the required job in temporary basis and it will reduce cost.

  1. Develop Internal Staff: To continue some large project a company needs very skillful staff which the internal staff does not possess.By outsourcing the project a company will find the most skillful staff that is much needed for the company. And from learning the skill from outsource team the internal team will be developed.
  1. Staffing Flexibility: Some operation has seasonal and cyclical demand. For that types of operation a company can outsource work when he need and release when the required job is almost done.
  1. Focus on Core Activities: The back office operation of a company will expand with the rapid growth of period.With the expansion of human and financial facility the expense of core activities of company will be increased and the company will be successful.So outsourcingthose jobs will allow refocusing on those core activities and increasing the quality of back office.
  1. Reduction of Overhead: Overhead cost of completing some back office function is very high. If any company outsources those functions it can be moved very easily.
  1. Customer satisfaction: A company will have to supply some good quality services for the satisfaction of their customer.If a company have a vendor contract they are bound to maintain certain levels of quality and service.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

  1. Language Barrier: In some cases the employee hired for outsourcing need to communicate with different person with various types of language. If he has no knowledge about that language customer will not be able to get their desired outcome and the customer will be dissatisfied with them.
  2. Public Opinion: For the sympathy of losing of jobs can be negative view with outsourcing. This should be overcome will definite plan and consciousness.
  3. Lack of Quality: If the outsourced parties do not have a weirdest quality check in place it can lessen up the advantages that a business actually wants from the concept of outsourcing.
  4. Lack of Focus: Once a task is given for any internal team they just focus on these work and does the work will full concentrate. But the outsourced team work for more than one assignment from different client at a same time. This often lead to lack of focus and often lead to the undesired result.
  5. Fear of Exposing confidential Data: When any organization outsources payroll, HR, desired services it often lead the fear and risk of exposing the company’s confidential information to a third-party.

Everything has two sides. Like other thing outsourcing also have some advantages and disadvantages. We should consider the advantages of outsourcing and inspire other company to outsource their job.



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