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Future leaders of outsourcing growing in one direction it institute

FUTURE LEADERS OF OUTSOURCING GROWING IN ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE   Those individuals and institutes are playing the role of protagonist to spread the positivity and possibilities of outsourcing, ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE is doing their best on best among them to make outsourcing as future career aspect of Bangladesh. to get more information ABOUT ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE Since 2012 ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE is  doing very confidently their job to create a competitive field

Outsourcing training center in Uttara

Outsourcing Training Center in Uttara Considering the younger generation of a developing as well as densely populated country, like Bangladesh,  An outsourcing training center in Uttara One Direction IT Institute is founded in 2012 in Uttara in the northern side of Dhaka by an outsourcing skilled person, namely Md. Shamin Hossain. Under his direction 30 skilled men and women  working at office as well as  more than 2000 workers sitting at home are rendering their professional duties


“ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE” – Mr Md Shamim Hossain, the Managing Director of this institution. ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE was established in 2012 with the sounds “Change the Future, Change Yourself”.  The institution provides professional outsourcing training. They are expert to teach the students to assemble their best employment. The institution has already earned both name and fame in job providing in various national and international areas. Address: ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE is located at

Outsourcing training center in Dhaka

One Direction institute is the best Outsourcing training center in Dhaka. We all want to make a successful career and some of us become successful and some failed, after  failing we lose hope then,we just believe that we just can establish our career outside of home by doing work in different work place,but do we know we can also build our career by doing work in our home? Yes, we can earn money learning from

An outsourcing training center

Introducing One Direction it institute One direction it institute is an outsourcing training center. There are a lot of institute in Dhaka among of them One Direction it institute is best and some of them  are teaching outsourcing. But from my point view one direction is the best outsourcing training center. Why one direction it institute is best? A lot of people are getting unemployed now – a –days, because of may be jobless, business