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Now days it is time to earn from online. Almost all of us may have heard that there is way to earn money from Internet. Yes this is true from online you can earn money . Now a days Business fall and Unemployment problem in our country is so common. Right now Freelancing and Outsourcing is a golden chance to get away of this. So for our country outsourcing is the best way for us to earn lots of money. One direction bd is one the best outsourcing training center in Dhaka you can rely on.


What is outsourcing:

Outsourcing means one individual person or a Company can earn money providing their services and products to another company. Which is also outside of their own country. Suppose you know Microsoft excel very well, if you have an account in  Upwork, Fiverr or people per hour and so on if you can prove your expertness you also can earn money by doing outsourcing.

Freelance :freelance somebody masses the freelance & outsourcing. There is a difference between freelancing & outsourcing. Suppose you know excel work if somebody give you a excel work and then you are doing that work but you don’t know from where the work has been sourced that is called freelancing.



Outsourcing is self employed work; you don’t have to be depending on someone else. For female it is too risky to do job outside of your house it is from my point view, so this is very safety for female.

If you want to make more money it is near about may be per month 1 lack or two lacks. It does not matter, but you have to know work, you have to have qualification. This is the only platform for our countries where we can apply our qualification & we get 100% feed back from this. There is no doubt.

Now it is question about the qualification? Yes qualification you have to know the basic of computer. You don’t need a degree just you have to know the basic of English, you needs a computer & you need internet connection that s it.

There is a lot of work in like seo, website design, graphic design, data entry, click ad sense, affiliate marketing, YouTube marketing, CPA marketing etc.

But most valuable are seo, web design, graphic design, if you think to learn about the seo or web design you are most welcome from one direction out sourcing training center in Dhaka.


One direction is very special for SEO, web design also we teach basic computer course, & spoken English. Also we take contract we will make you are able to speak English. If you want to earn from data entry you are most welcome from one direction. One direction BD is the one of the best out sourcing institute where you can learn all the important skills you need. We are committed to give you 100% work guarantee.

One direction BD team will make you genius, self – employed, so do not late.mr SHAMIM is the director of this it institute is dedicated person for outsourcing training. The team also is very friendly & you will be given you a best support from one direction. So please visit our one direction institution.


To know more about One Directionbd browse www.onedirectionbd.com


Cell – 01716 – 532349/01842 – 532349.


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