ielts task 2

Key word: 1) Doing the same things and avoiding changes

2) Change is always good things

3) Opinion


  1. Introduction
  2. Paraphrase
  3. Thesis / main point
  4. Opinion
  5. Paragraph 1
  6. Not Interesting:study whatever and whenever they get
  7. Because: bore
  8. Example: study math for long time
  9. Paragraph 2
  10. Updated:computer
  11. Because: money
  12. Example:outsourcing
  13. Interesting: story
  14. Because: pleasure
  15. Example: galiver travels
  16. Conclusion
  17. Repeat main point
  18. Opinion

Making some differences in life can be more interesting of some of else year of time, but on the other hand other people, they have  some another believe and like to pass their entire time of their life having without changes. World are being changed day by day along with our mundane world, people need to cope up with and try to have a good future cause without changing  yourself nobody can shine in their existence. This essay will argue that alternate thinking must be all the time is very superb idea because if you change yourself, you can your world and without making correction nobody can shine in the future

As students, one and all have  some compulsory subject in their college that they  cannot change ever this type of books they  do not like ever. They  always try to change and request to alter this. They are studying this subject for a long time it is very critical to understand. In their school and college life, they have got maths subject, but they are  not very good at math, but they  had  to study that subject every day. It is very hard subject cause there are many different mathematical trams  that they can not remember all time they forget it.

In contrast, In our country we are very used to study English, cause it is very important language and very significant things is that It is our secondary language beside our mother tong we need to learn English because without learning English it is impossible to get a god job or to shine or develop in any business. So whenever we study English subject, then we think the we are preparing for a bright future. For example, if someone wants to study abroad, they need to get a good brand score in IELTS and this test is based on the English language.

Along with English subject, We should not keep ourself in same position whole life. We need to change and make superb future, so always every body’s attempt to develop their career. If they do not think to make something change in their life. For example, We are in a  Global world if we do not know how to operate computer, then we will be out of our digital life. So everybody should learn computer.


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